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Maggie began consulting as a Business Strategist for multiple clients in 2011 as a 'side-hustle' while still holding onto her full time job. It became clear after five years of successful consulting work that she needed to transition Business and Career Strategy and freelance consulting into her full time role. 

Her Genius is in helping clients find clarity in their ideas to begin doing the work they say they want to do; while personally bringing in and implementing in new tools and methods to fix existing issues and streamline the business operations.

When you work together you'll begin to see why you do what you do, be able to identify how you want to feel in your business, learn to use that as your personal compass, and uncover the skills that allow you to sit at the head of the table of your life and career.

Best of all she will remind you of the power and significance of THE NOW - the only moment we really have to be concerned with, lit up by, and fully immersed in. 

Maggie is a self declared POWERHOUSE OF LOVE and feels a hefty amount of joy from creating a space for people to do the work necessary to discover their greatest desires and thus, build businesses and, more importantly, lives they enjoy.

After coming across Danielle Laporte's The Desire Map in 2011 she took a look at why she was making the choices she made. Her daily personal question became - how do I want to feel? She choose to become a Desire Map Facilitator to be more equipped in her journey to create joyful change in herself and others.

THE NOW (at the present moment; without further delay; immediately; at once) + GOLDEN (having glowing vitality; radiant; full of happiness, prosperity, or vigor)=