Are you available for administrative and operational consulting work?
Yes. Some of my past consulting work includes: email organization and set up, project management, hiring and on-boarding, streamlining client calendars, budget development, and social media management. If you would like to discuss contract opportunities please schedule a time to speak with me below. 

Can I add your consulting work to my Business Strategy Subscription? 
Yes, I have found that it works out nicely because I will already be clear on the mission of your business. You will also receive a discounted rate. Schedule a time to talk below and we can decide on the package that makes the most sense for you.

I need a Business Strategist but three months feel too long. Can I work with you for less time?
Yes but in my experience three months allows us the right amount of time to get clear on your goals, implement new work systems and see clear progress that will direct us on what to do next. I am always willing to have a conversation about what you would like to accomplish in less time and see if it can work.

Are virtual meetings as impactful as in-person meetings?
Yes! I have worked with clients virtually for five years and they have just as many positive results as my in-person clients. It's all about accountability– I show up for my clients 100% no matter how far apart we are and I expect them to do the same for themselves.

Is your Desire Map workshop mandatory for your Business Strategy Subscription clients?
No but I highly recommend for my clients to attend. A Desire Map workshop is designed to help everyone get clear on how they want to feel, which allows them to live with greater clarity and personalized purpose. For business owners, it is an essential tool to building a business they will enjoy running for years. Check out the workshop here. 

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