As a consultant, I analyze the operational and admin related issues within a business for clients who don’t know how to solve them or don’t have the time to figure them out themselves.

Usually they need me to shape their vague but urgent operational needs into something concrete and deliverable. Past project examples:



  • Automated photo and document sharing to a cloud based system
  • Created a repeatable but easily editable process for weekly packing and storage tasks
  • Built weekly calendar to included all job tasks, hobbies, days off and personal habits
  • Reviewed and reworked their budget to find unnecessary costs and hacks for saving
  • Too many files being shared across a 30 person team via email
  • Delivery service employees needed too much instruction from other staff to complete tasks
  • Client felt overwhelmed and unprepared every Sunday looking towards their busy week
  • Client wanted to take on a new team member and create a product line without taking on more clients

In the beginning, we take time to discuss the issues together and agree on a timeline for execution. From that time on, I am self-directed— my clients don't have to spend their precious time telling me what to do or how to do it. I either keep clients in the loop on a regular basis or present them with the finished product once it's completed.

INVESTMENT: Hourly rate (based on length and depth of project)

Schedule a 30-minute call to discuss what projects you need help with and any questions you have for me. All for free.

Danika Brysha, CEO and Founder of Model Meals, a clean eating meal delivery service.

Danika Brysha, CEO and Founder of Model Meals, a clean eating meal delivery service.

"I am so grateful for what Maggie has done for our business. As the CEO and Founder of Model Meals, it was really easy to get overwhelmed and too close to my business to really see what was best for it. Maggie came in and helped in every aspect of our operations and strategy. She streamlined communication systems, provided invaluable productivity hacks, created structure in our daily operations, and left us with tools and guidance that we couldn't possibly put a price on. Maggie is the real deal and brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge. She has helped me take my business from zero to 100 with just a few easy changes. Thank you, Maggie!"

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